Thank you for expressing your interest in joining Intercity Airways. Applicants are required to complete a short entry exam, details of which are given below. As soon as you have completed the test, it will be assessed electronically and you will be informed of your result. There is no limit on the number of attempts that can be made by applicants. It is recommended that applicants read through Intecity's terms and conditions before applying to join. If you pass the exam, you must log your first Intercity flight within 30 days otherwise your account will be removed.

Pass mark: 60% (12 out of 20 questions correct). Time allowed: 20 minutes (1 minute per question). Only one correct option per question.
If you have previously logged hours at Intercity, please e-mail us requesting account reactivation instead of reapplying.


Questions are of an intermediate difficulty and not overly in-depth; they are designed to asses only basic knowledge of each of the subject areas listed below. The majority of the test focuses on the applicants understanding of terms specific to aviation. Unlike many other entry exams, we try to avoid simply asking for the full version of aviation acronyms, although some questions are unavoidably of this style.

Applicants should remember that although the exam looks tough, they only need to answer 60% (or 12 questions) correctly.

Applicants maybe assessed on any of the following subject areas:
Meteorology - principally on the impact of wind and METARs
Aircraft technical - Turbine engined aircraft only
Navigation and flight planning - IFR only
Performance - Turbine engined aircraft only
Air law and operational procedures - as per ICAO rules and guidelines

There will be no questions:
specific to flight simulation.
specific to Intercity Airways procedures or policies.
relating to specific aircraft types, airports and/or airspaces.
which are region specific.
that will require a calculator (all the numbers are simplified).
regarding solely VFR.

Test Format

The test consists of 20 multiple choice questions, each with 4 selectable answers and only one will be correct. Applicants must answer at least 60% (12) of the questions correctly to pass. They will have 20 minutes in which to complete the test. Some questions will reference graphics, images or diagrams included with the test.

Questions are chosen at random from a database. Questions are also displayed in a random order, as are their associated answers. Because of this, the test will be different each time it is taken, however it will be of equal difficulty.

The test will be automatically marked by computer as soon as the applicant has completed it or the maximum time permitted for the exam has elapsed. Applicants will receive their results instantly. Applicants who pass the test will then be asked to fill in an application form, in order to join the airline. Unsuccessful applicants may retake the test straight away and there is no limit on the number of attempts that can be made by a applicant.

Rules regarding external sources

Applicants may consult any materials they wish and do not need to reference these. The test should be conducted without assistance from other individuals - its purpose is to asses your knowledge! However, as the exam cannot be invigilated, this rule cannot be enforced.