Our stable of airliners is sized from 29 to 156 seats. Our short distance, point-to-point operations favour turboprops and narrowbody jets.

The types Intercity operates are based on real-life and simulator considerations. Unlike many other virtual airlines, we seek to reduce operating costs by rationalising our fleet, operating only one type for each of our mission requirements.

We don’t restrict pilots from flying particular aircraft types by requiring a minimum number of logged hours, you have access to all our aircraft immediately.

The lower cruising altitudes of our turboprops mean better scenery views and less traffic congestion. As turboprops are less automated than larger jets, flying them is more interesting and rewarding.

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Author: Precision Manuals (PMDG)
In fleet: 27 being replaced by AT42
Seats: 29 (Y29@31″ 3 abreast)

ATR 42-600 Intercity Airways

Author: Microsoft (MS)
In fleet: 27 replacing JS41
Seats: 46 (Y46@31″ 4 abreast)

Author: Dreamwings (DW), FlyJSim (Q4XP) or Majestic Software (MJC)
In fleet: 84
Seats: 71 (Y64@31″ 4 abreast and J7@34″ 3 abreast)

Author: Aerosoft (AS), Fenix (FX), Flight Sim Labs (FSL), FlightFactor (FF), or Project Airbus (PA)
In fleet: 42
Seats (A320): 156 (Y144@31″ 6 abreast and J12@38″ 4 abreast)
Seats (A319): 128 (Y120@32″ 6 abreast and J8@38″ 4 abreast)

Key Y: Standard class. J: Business class.

We provide repaint textures for high quality payware addons and also freeware packages, providing you with the best available representations, whatever your preferences or budget. Each type has detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) outlined and helpful FAQs.