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31/07/2017 - July 2017 Award Winners

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04/05/2017 - With you May the Forth be!
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Intercity Airways is a regional and shorthaul virtual airline with bases in London City, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Düsseldorf, offering over 1000 daily flights on 493 routes across Europe, using BAe Jetstream J41, Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 and Airbus A320 aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator 9, FSX and Lockheed Martin Prepar3d P3D.

Flights with Intercity are generally less than two hours, so our pilots spend more time flying in and out of exciting airports, and less time monitoring instruments and watching clouds!

Intercity prides itself on the experience it offers pilots and we do our utmost to ensure it remains class-leading; flight tracking and pilot logbook using our Intercity ACARS software, multiplayer event co-ordination, friendly forums, support for the latest addons (Majestic, PMDG, FSL and Aerosoft) and partnerships with renowned industry names (FS2Crew, UK2000, VATSIM). Intercity focus on realism and cater for virtual pilots who demand it at the highest levels; we take the airline's faithfulness to reality as seriously as our pilots take their flying.


To find out more about Intercity, please see Operations > About Us.


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Pilot Flight Dep Arr Time
1443 ICX684 EDDL   LFBO   2.2
1003 ICX168 EGGP   EGPH   0.9
1003 ICX584 EGLC   EGGP   0.9
1443 ICX410 EKBI   EGBB   2
1344 ICX523 EGLC   LSZA   1.1
1565 ICX305 EGBB   EGJB   1.2
1443 ICX297 EGPH   EKBI   1.7
1565 ICX300 EGPE   EGBB   1.6
1443 ICX13F LFST   EGPH   2.2
1589 ICX212 EGCN   EGPH   1.1