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Majestic Q400 V1.014 RC1 update (Steam compatible)

Started by Chris Liu, Jun 30, 2015 16:01

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Chris Liu (1001)

Majestic have released a Q400 patch that goes on top of V1.014 pilot edition, on a trial basis (known as a Release Candidate or RC).

The trial patch fixes a few niggling issues and adds FSX:SE Steam compatibility. It's available as "Release Candidate 1" from the "User Area" of Majestic's support section.

This update was only announced an hour ago, showing how Intercity has its finger on the pulse of flight simulation, right on the cutting edge!  ::)

Quote...we took some time to address some of the lingering issues in the PILOT Edition. Please find this "Release Candidate_1" in the USER AREA under our Support Section.

Please Note!!!!!!
This patch must be installed over the MJC8Q400 version 1.014 PILOT edition (BE SURE TO BACK UP ANY FILES THAT MAY BE CHANGED IN CASE YOU WANT TO REVERT TO THE PREVIOUS VERSION). Place the file into SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\panel replacing the original file

20150630 MJC8Q400 PILOT edition patch Release Candidate 1 changelist:

+ TUNE PAGE: Fixed the COM frequency range
+ FMS VNAV vwpt sel: fixed 10 wpts shown instead of 9
+ APManager: Fixed OBS heading inconsistency on switch to approach
+ Fixed the (FD) path

+ STBY VHF: Fixed the COM frequency range
+ Fixed the problem with elevator deflection during full sensitivity (ELEVATOR_EFFECTIVENESS = 1.0) operations

+ Added Windows XP compatibility
+ Added FSX Steam version 3 (10.0.62613.0) compatibility
Source http://majesticsoftware.com/forums/discussion/1905/-notice-to-all-airmen-20150630-#Item_1