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Flight planning and routing resources
« on: Wed 03 Apr 2013, 16:40 »
You can use the flightplan remark OPR/INTERCITY to identify your airline and callsign to controllers.
We recommend the following websites to obtain realistic routes (these are listed in order of preference):
IVAO Flight Plan Database (requires free registration with IVAO)
Real World Flight Plan Database (requires free registration)
EU Route Pro (I believe this is the database powering vRoute)
UK CAA Standard Route Document (Flights entirely within UK and Ireland only)
• EuroFPL (requires free registration)
ASA Link RouteFinder Free

And for en-route charts:
Worldwide SkyVector (provides hi and low level, also VFR)

And for aerodrome charts, SIDs, STARs, ground movement etc (alphabetical order by country):
Worldwide Air Charts
Europe Eurocontrol EAD Basic AIS (requires free registration)
Austria Austrocontrol AIP
Belgium Belgocontrol eAIS AIP (Click AD2 Aerodromes on the left)
France SIA AIP (Click eAIP France, then the top effective date, then Section 3 AD 2 Aerodromes)
Germany VACC-Ger
Ireland IAA IAIP (Scroll to bottom and right)
Italy ENAV AIP (requires free registration)
Luxembourg Belgocontrol eAIS AIP (Click AD2 Aerodromes on the left)
Netherlands LVNL AIS AIP
Norway Avinor AIP
Switzerland VACC
United Kingdom CAA AIS AIP

For weather and meteorology (these are listed in order of preference):
Weather charts, Euro weather
General weather map, Wundergrrund
Aviation wind forecast
Rainfall radar and lightning animation, Meteox
Aviation icing training course, US NASA

For fuel planning and load sheets please see aircraft type specific FAQ:
BAe Jetstream 41
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400

For ICAO 2012 aircraft equipment codes:
• Rocket Route Aircraft Equipment wizard - Worldwide VATSIM Chart Centre flight planning tool
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