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FS2Crew Majestic Q400 Voice Control release

Started by Chris Liu, Mar 28, 2014 10:10

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Sean Donno (1110)

Quote from: Chris Liu on Mar 30, 2014 23:21
Great info Sean, that was very much my experience when first trying FS2Crew on the J41. Hoping I'll get to try the Q400 version tomorrow night :-) By the way, Bryan has released some bugfixes, so the latest Q400 FS2Crew is now v1.1.

Your welcome Chris, and thanks for the update. It's not showing on FS2Crew site yet as any updates available, but I assume there will be a notification sent out.

Quote from: Steve Prowse on Mar 31, 2014 14:00
Great write-up Sean,  thanks for letting the rest of know what yout first thoughts are with regards to this add-on. 

Your welcome Steve  :)

Chris Liu (1001)

Quote from: Sean Donno on Mar 31, 2014 17:31
Your welcome Chris, and thanks for the update. It's not showing on FS2Crew site yet as any updates available, but I assume there will be a notification sent out.
Probably in a few days, but to obtain it now just redownload it from FS2Crew's website and install it over your existing FS2Crew Q400, details at http://forum.avsim.net/topic/438197-fs2crew-for-the-mjc-d8-q400-updated-to-v11/#entry2954927

Just got my copy now so I'm off to play!

Chris Liu (1001)

To add to what Sean already wrote, I've just had my first flight with FS2Crew in the Q400 and it's great, although I am currently using a cheat/crib sheet to help me with the captain's flows and checklist responses, which is available from https://www.dropbox.com/s/vwk4xd6s32ybkti/q400flows.pdf

One thing to note however is that it doesn't reduce your pre-flight workload as much as in the J41 or 737NG, mainly because the Captain/PF has more items in their pre-flight flow. For example, as the speed bug control is by your left knee you'll have to set all your takeoff and landing speeds, and on originating flow Captain/PF does all the audio/visual alarm tests. However once you are taxying the FO/PM does lighten your workload a lot and as ever it's very useful during approach as it allows you to keep your hands on the controls and eyes on the PFD and outside.

Setup was very easy as I've already configured and trained Windows speech recognition and set up my mute keys, I just had to add a command for Autofeather (which lets you open and close the FS2Crew panel). But I think a good wonder through the manual/tutorial is a must for those new to FS2Crew, the learning curve is as steep as ever.

Benjamin Hall (1007)

Time to hammer the credit card again!

If it is as good as the previous versions for NGX then this sounds like a must have.

Chris Liu (1001)

Quote from: Steve Prowse on Mar 28, 2014 13:47
I wish Chris this beast is still a challenge to fly in the best of weather...add some icing wind etc and it is any ones guess what happens next.  But that is what keeps me at it...I think :-[
Well judging by your last logged flight in to LSGG with a -25 fpm touchdown rate, I'd say you've cracked it   :)

Chris Liu (1001)

Version 1.2 of FS2Crew Majestic Q400 Voice Control has been released.

1. PDF and on-line manual updated to clarify and correct certain voice commands.   Please print out the current V1.2 PDF manual!   
2. Bleeds Off Takeoffs - FIXED   
3. Improved audio device handing.  You should no longer have to select your headset audio device before pressing "HS" on the main FS2Crew panel.   
4. Ground Crew commands and conversations - FIXED   
5. FO will now only discuss ice detection to a maximum of two times per flight.     

Version 1.1
1. Descent Checklist if Headset selected - FIXED   
2. Set Cruise Power command (both engine modes should now change to MCR instead of just one) - FIXED   
3. Shut down hang if Headset selected - FIXED.  (But it's still good practice to deselect the HS button prior to exiting FSX should you ever experience a hang on shutdown.)       

Login to your FS2Crew account, go to 'COMPLETED ORDERS' and re-download and re-install the product.   There is no need to uninstall FS2Crew.
More details: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/438197-fs2crew-for-the-mjc-d8-q400-updated-to-v12/

Sean Donno (1110)

thanks for the update notice Chris  :D