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Started by Chris Liu, Thu 05 Dec 2013, 20:16

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Chris Liu

Thu 05 Dec 2013, 20:16 Last Edit: Fri 06 Dec 2013, 09:48 by Chris Liu
The new forums and upgraded website are now live and we've moved all the old data across to our new systems!

We have issued all users a new password by e-mail. Naturally, you should change the password we e-mail you to something more memorable.

I'd like to apologise again for the extended forum downtime, the forum migration was a lot more complicated than we anticipated and Chris ended up reprogramming most of the website, he's been a very busy man for the last two weeks! The Screenshot Gallery has not yet been migrated but will be moved across in due course.

PS: If you spot any bugs, please post in the Website section of the forums and we'll look in to it as soon as we can. I already dropped a humdinger myself when I spelt the logo wrong earlier today!