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ACARS2 tabs for awards, logbook, forum
« on: Thu 09 Mar 2017, 00:00 »
The latest update to ACARS2 is now being pushed out and we've added some new features:

1) the home screen news feed now also displays the latest forum posts.
2) we've added a tab for viewing your logbook, so you can now check this within ACARS2 instead of having to login to the main website. Detailed flight graphs, maps and data are still only available through the website though, as it's not possible to present them nicely within ACARS2's small window.
3) your awards are now viewable in a new tab. Completed awards show in green and and include the date you earned it. The next set of awards you're working towards show a blue progress bar and completion percentage.

Also over the previous few months we've made some other changes that we haven't previously announced here since they were essentially self-explanatory, but for the sake of completeness:
4)  added an update info button on the left side of the ACARS2 home page, which shows a message box stating what the latest improvements to ACARS have been, it's a sort of a change log
5) we changed the behaviour of the off/on blocks manual override button. Previously you had to tick a checkbox before "Begin Flight" logging, we have removed this and if you're in the Q400 then the manual off/on blocks buttons will always show at the appropriate times just in case the automatic system doesn't detect.

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