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Steep Approach Guidance For DHC-8-402Q
« on: Sun 07 Feb 2016, 15:21 »
Following on from my own experiences and also requests from pilots this guide has been compiled for reference when flying a steep approach.

The following information has been complied from various sources including the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 FCOM, Various Online Research, YouTube videos and personal experience.

What is a steep approach?

A steep approach is defined as one which the approach angle is between 4.5° and 5.5°.

Steep approaches and landings are only to be conducted by the Captain. If the Captain is not the PF then transfer of control is to be established prior to the top of descent.


The following has been adapted for flight simulator use.

• Flaps 35° and Condition Levers MAX must be used.
• Maximum tailwind component is 5 knots.
• Maximum landing mass is 26,308 kg.
• Minimum platform altitude is 1000 ft AGL.
• Aircraft must be fully configured for landing prior to commencing a steep approach.
• A steep approach must not be made with only one engine operative.
• Minimum DH is 300 ft AGL.
• Maximum airfield elevation is 5000 ft AMSL.
• Autopilot CAT I and CAT II is not approved.

Landing Technique

When there is little or no headwind it is difficult to loose speed. Therefore it is essential to be fully configured for landing at VREF before starting the final descent.

Beginning the ILS approach

Flaps 5°
Speed 170 kts
GPWS Landing Flap switch set to 35°

3nm Before FAF

Gear Down
Flaps 15°
Condition Levers MAX
Speed VREF + 15 kts
Landing Checklist

Approaching Glideslope

Flaps 35°
Speed VREF
Autopilot Disconnected
Flight Director Standby

**Autopilot Use

The autopilot should be disconnected as CAT I or CAT II is not approved for steep approaches.
When the autopilot is disconnected the Flight Director must be placed in Standby. The Flight Director will give erroneous indications if not deselected.

Decision Height

PNF Call "Decide"
PF Call "Visual" or "Go-Around"

50ft AGL

Commence flare
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