Management team


On this page you'll find summaries of each team members' background and their responsibilities.

If you would like to contact any of the management team, please see the Contact us page for details.

Christopher Liu - East Midlands, United Kingdom (EGNF)
Managing Director

Chris is the founder and owner of Intercity. His day job involves copywriting and designing artwork for print-media and websites, so he produces all the graphics required at the airline (including aircraft textures) and writes the majority of the website's content. He also does all the scheduling. An experienced simmer, he started with Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 and has since logged over 800 sim flying hours and another 650 as a virtual air traffic controller. He has held senior positions at several major flight sim organisations, including ATC examiner at VATSIM Middle East (VATME) and European Regional Manager at eSkyWorld/RWATC. Before founding Intercity, he worked with Paul and Chris for many years on several other flight simulator related projects.

Christopher Hulme - North West, United Kingdom (EGGP)
Technical Director

Chris is an experienced programmer and responsible for all technical aspects of Intercity operations, principally the website and Intercity ACARS. He and Chris L met through the FS repainting community. He is employed by a major European airline as a Cabin Manager and lives near Liverpool.

Keith Giannoni - South London, United Kingdom (EGKB)
Events Coordinator

Keith is a retired police detective with a lifelong interest in aviation. As our Events Coordinator he researches, organises, resources and then publicises and supports special events and charter flights for Intercity's pilots. In addition, he is constructively involved with the management team and contribute to its discussions and decisions.

Paul Regimbal - Ontario, Canada (CYZR)
Non-Executive Director

Paul is a long-standing friend of everyone on the team and has earned a reputation for being easy-going and cool-headed. As a Non-Executive Director he is not involved with day to day operations, but advises and scrutinises major decisions, providing a more neutral viewpoint and general oversight, drawing from his experience as a virtual pilot and air traffic controller. He is a mobile telecoms engineer in Sarnia.