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Nigel Doyle

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Teamspeak Server
« on: Fri 09 Jun 2017, 22:00 »
Hello all,
New to the VA but not new to VATSIM! I've come back to the online community after a long break and it is nice to be back in the air. Hello to all in my new VA and thanks for having me. I guess from now on I will be ICX something-or-other but I used to fly as EIN075 quite a lot. At the moment I am trying out X-Plane 11 and getting to grips with the FlyJSim Dash 8. I have the Majestic and bought it to use for multicrew but have failed to ever get it to work!! But I think I quite like X-Plane so far. Oh, and I know Chris Hulme from flying online too - total coincidence and great to reconnect!

Anyway, I note that we don't seem to have a TS server and I would like to offer my own for the VA's use free of charge if there is any interest? I will post the details here and make a few flying channels on there if required. Some of my non-flight-sim friends use it too so I would appreciate if you respect their channels. Many thanks, and great to be here!


Chris Hulme

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Re: Teamspeak Server
« Reply #1 on: Mon 12 Jun 2017, 09:55 »
Hi Nigel

Welcome to Intercity! I've just realised I never actually replied to your last email, seems to have made its way to the bottom of my inbox and disappeared!

I've never tried the shared cockpit feature but you might find someone on here who can help! Sayng that shes a great bird to fly single crewed and keeps you on your toes, bit more to do than an Airbus!

With regards to the Teamspeak server, we don't have an official one. We did look at a Discord server but haven't got any further with it yet. You are however free to post the details of yours on here for the pilots to use!

Hope to see you in the virtual skies!