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Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (DHC-8-402Q) / Re: Simbrief Plans
« Last post by Benjamin Hall on Wed 16 May 2018, 21:36 »
Latest version of simbrief downloads automatically into your Aircraft's Nav folder. Very handy!
Aerosoft A320 Professional release date announced as 26th June 2018

From this moment on I will try to give a daily update on things our dev team has done.

    We took the plunge and moved the fonts to the simfolder. In principle this should have worked since P3d V3 but it always had issues. Now we think it is save. The big advantage is that the complete product is now in just two folder, the A318/A319 folder and a shared folder for all our bus products that has things like the company routes, nav data. Installing is now as easy as just copying the files. No more reboot to activate fonts etc.
    Stefan spend the day updating the VC textures so they will work with the new RealLight/TrueGlass modules. These allow compression so the extreme demands on Graphics Memory are reduced to an acceptable level. This makes 3 Gb graphics cards feasible and removes a massive headache from me.
    Robert, Frank and Baylan (the people working on the systems, navigation etc) kept on working the showstopper and critical bugs. A few were closed. Others discussed. In this stage making sure they all know what they are doing continuously is super important.
    We are planning a hackathon in the last week before release where we will focus on the simple and stupid issues, goal is to close at least 50 of them in 18 hours.
    One of our main advisory pilots did a test flight yesterday and made a video of the whole flights. He did not make things easy with a flight plan that had discontinuous elements he solved by going direct as is common on European airspace these days. Lot of new information to process but surprisingly no new bugs. The first stage to get to release is to make sure you get no new bugs!
    We added a new very experienced new pilot to our internal Skype group. This is very valuable as we need information and confirmation on issues at least 20 times a day. if we have that on hand it speeds up things a lot.
    I am pretty pissed off about some of the silly comments I read online since our news yesterday. I should not be, but I am. Things like that we are speeding things up to beat FSL's A319 release. Honestly I did not even know they were close to release and if I did it would have played no role. If a customer wants to buy that product at that price from that company they should. We are not in competition as the focus of the products is totally different. They do stuff we don't, we do stuff they do not do. I think a lot depends on who you want to give your money to.
    We got a lot of bugs fixed reports from Rolf on the checklists items I will check myself tomorrow.

18:30, our German devs are closing down after a 11 hour day, Baylan is getting breakfast and will start on tweaks to the TO, CLB, CRZ, DES pages.  Some testers will check some bugs.
General Discussion / Re: New Sectors Possible?
« Last post by Graham Bannister on Sat 12 May 2018, 14:47 »
Oh Well guess I will try Italy on Saturdays.  8)
General Discussion / Re: New Sectors Possible?
« Last post by Chris Liu on Sat 12 May 2018, 12:59 »
That's a real life restriction, no London City flights are allowed between Saturday lunchtime and Sunday lunchtime. When I add LCY sectors during the week they usually appear over the weekend too, but only on one day.
General Discussion / New Sectors Possible?
« Last post by Graham Bannister on Sat 12 May 2018, 12:46 »
Morning guys
Just wondering if any new sectors possible out of EGLC anytime soon.
On Saturdays its limited so got me leaving my lovely EGLC to fly other places.. :)
News / Re: It's party time!
« Last post by Graham Bannister on Sun 06 May 2018, 12:55 »
Continuing Upward and Onward.
Congrats to the management team for making this possible and all the pilots who fly the skies
General Discussion / Re: A friendly Challenge
« Last post by Graham Bannister on Sat 05 May 2018, 16:19 »
recuperating from surgery so I have  nothing else to do but sit and fly.
back out to work in a week or two though
News / Re: It's party time!
« Last post by Benjamin Hall on Fri 04 May 2018, 22:25 »
Happy half decade. Here's to many more years!
News / It's party time!
« Last post by Chris Liu on Fri 04 May 2018, 21:41 »
Intercity opened its doors May 4th 2013, so we're 5 years old today! *dons party hat* As ever, a huge thank you to all our pilots past, present and future.

In the last 12 months we've added another 128 routes and 19 aircraft.
General Discussion / Re: A friendly Challenge
« Last post by Ian Robson on Thu 03 May 2018, 20:24 »

I bow down to your hour logging prowess, and I decline to challenge you in this matter  ;) 8) the award is all yours sir!

I am hoping to get a couple of Q400 flights in each week, if I'm lucky !!
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