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Events and charters / Re: Planning a London City (EGLC) day
« Last post by Benjamin Hall on Tue 24 Apr 2018, 16:57 »
Mrs Hall is late shifts both those days so I'm game. Won't make it until after 19:00 though.
ACARS / Re: X-Plane11 & ACARS
« Last post by Graham Woodley on Tue 24 Apr 2018, 06:15 »
Sure Chris, I'll help you test it - in fairly slow time though, I don't get a lot of the time during the week.

One difference from the Majestic is that the condition levers go to start/feather before engine start so a trigger might need to be engine start, fuel flow, TGT etc.

I haven't got a 320 in XP yet but will be getting the FF soon - I'll let you know.

ACARS / Re: X-Plane11 & ACARS
« Last post by Chris Liu on Mon 23 Apr 2018, 21:48 »
Thanks for the feedback Graham. I think we'll need to see about sending you a special test version of ACARS so we can see what ACARS is seeing from Xplane. What about the JarDesign and FlightFactor A320s?
ACARS / Re: X-Plane11 & ACARS
« Last post by Graham Woodley on Mon 23 Apr 2018, 18:26 »
Hi Chris,

Just had my first go in the FlyJSim Dash 8-Q400 in X-Plane 11 (not a patch on the Majestic in FSX but quite functional and a challenge to fly hands-on.)

So ACARS connected to the sim through XUIPC.

It didn't detect engine start or brakes off, Status remained inactive throughout the flight, Flight Info displayed a message ' Please ensure you are in an Intercity Airways aircraft.'

Airspeed and Alt were tracked correctly and the progress bar filled.

Heading remained at 0 throughout and there was no detection of  Dep / Arr time, flight duration or Landing rate.

I never showed on the LiveACARS map.

Unless Majestic are going to jump onto XP the FlyJSim is all we've got at the moment.



BAe Jetstream 41 (BAe JS4100) / Re: Engine Out Landing
« Last post by Chris Hulme on Mon 23 Apr 2018, 09:40 »
The Q400 steep approach guidance which has been slightly adapted from real world procedures states that you can’t land on one engine, however as Chris said if your on fire then I’d want to get it down ASAP and would probably opt for a non standard visual and take a more shallow approach. Given where LCY is located you have plenty of alternative airfields.

• Aircraft must be fully configured for landing prior to commencing a steep approach.
BAe Jetstream 41 (BAe JS4100) / Re: Engine Out Landing
« Last post by Graham Bannister on Sun 22 Apr 2018, 15:03 »
Was looking at a basic engine out. No fire.
With a fire I would land in Granpa's meadow if needed  ;D
BAe Jetstream 41 (BAe JS4100) / Re: Engine Out Landing
« Last post by Chris Liu on Sun 22 Apr 2018, 14:44 »
Imo depends if there is fire and other damage or not. Without a burning fire I'd definitely head for Heathrow given the longer runway and conventional approach. Some situations demand you get on the deck ASAP though
BAe Jetstream 41 (BAe JS4100) / Engine Out Landing
« Last post by Graham Bannister on Sun 22 Apr 2018, 12:44 »
Your input and thoughts.
You are inbound to EGLC when you lose #1 engine.
Do you continue your descent and approach to EGLC or given the "nice anomalies" of EGLC or would you divert to say EGLL where a perhaps smoother and safer landing can be made?

I have made several training single engine approaches into EGLC and whilst it is possible, at times the pucker factor tends to rise somewhat.

Same thing with me Gerald. I have my laptop volume turned up to full on external speaker however when I have on my headsets to talk to ATC I don't hear the sound of the alert. Always constantly checking it which is tedious.
Yep, I run vPilot in the remote mode, and unless I've got the volume turned up on my laptop, I don't hear it. There isn't any indication at all on the flying computer. And it's especially tricky if vPilot isn't the active window.
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