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ACARS / Re: Change request [Solved]
« Last post by Gerald Plotts on Today at 13:28 »
I hate to keep at this, but with the last update you did (I know I took my time reporting), the "NEW FLIGHT" button is still not there. Showing 2017115 for the version number. Tried this on my windows 10 and windows 7 machines, deleted all with re-install and no joy. Again, not a big deal, as I just exit acars and re-start it. Appreciate the great work you guys do. Thanks
ACARS / Re: Issues with ACARS and Majestic Q400
« Last post by Chris Hulme on Today at 13:25 »
Thanks for the info, ill have a look and see if I can work out whats going on!
General Discussion / Re: Question on pictures size
« Last post by Chris Liu on Tue 21 Nov 2017, 10:19 »
There's quite a few free "screengrab"/"screenshot" programs available that will save immediately to PNG or JPG. This saves on the hassle of converting the file format and means your flight pictures will take up a lot less space on your computer as well  :)
General Discussion / Re: Question on pictures size
« Last post by Gerald Plotts on Tue 21 Nov 2017, 09:54 »
By default the pictures in fs are saved as BMP files, this is why MS paint or an equivalent program must be used to capture or convert to jpg
ACARS / Re: Issues with ACARS and Majestic Q400
« Last post by Mike Ody on Tue 21 Nov 2017, 05:26 »
Hello Chris, I have some more information which MAY help.
Have just repeated same flight up to cruise [FL170].
ACARS showed the Pre-flight, Boarding and Departing phases as expected but remained 'stuck' on Departing - during the climb and at cruise.
Throughout PIC showed 'Inactive' and there was nil 'progress' on the progress bar.
After a while at cruise [mostly at 0fpm] I decided to abandon the flight so I 'ended flight' on FSX.
Immediately ACARS indicated 'Cruise' phase, PIC changed to 'active', and progress bar showed progress.
I admit to now being very confused - but am hoping this might shed some light on things !
Mike Ody
General Discussion / Re: Question on pictures size
« Last post by Enrico Lazzaroni on Mon 20 Nov 2017, 13:26 »
Understood. One more question: how do you take a picture in flight as .jpg instead of bmp? I used the "V" key but that is bmp. Is there a better solution?
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (DHC-8-402Q) / Q400 Performance Manual
« Last post by Andrew Reynolds on Mon 20 Nov 2017, 03:57 »
Hi Guys,

I'm putting together a more comprehensive performance manual for the Q400. At present, I've just incorporated more detailed takeoff and landing speeds for Dry and Wet runways, as well as Icing Conditions. Over the coming weeks I intend to build on this content by including relevant landing distance calculation material, airport/runway specific limited weights (as well as RDC data), and quick reference en-route performance. All my material is sourced from the appropriate Bombardier performance manual.

I've optimized viewing for iPad or similar Android branded tablets using the Adobe Reader app. Everything is tabbed for easy navigation and speeds are grouped together for the appropriate phase of flight - eliminating the need to hop from table to table and performing 'mental math'!

Have a look and see what you think, and feel free to leave feedback.

Take Care,

Andrew Reynolds
FAA & Transport Canada Licensed Dispatcher
ACARS / Re: Issues with ACARS and Majestic Q400
« Last post by Mike Ody on Sun 19 Nov 2017, 05:26 »
Hi Chris, I got to it quicker than expected.

I have just flown EGLC to EGBB as before but, to keep things simple, with no ATC, and no ACARS flight planning. I followed my previously prepared Simbrief flight plan carefully.

Here's what happened :
1. Initially I started up ACARS, selected flight, and hit the Begin Flight button.
2. I then loaded FSX with no bells and whistles [eg weather etc].
3. ACARS showed : connected to FS, 'Boarding Phase', nil progress on the bar, and pilot in cockpit [PIC]'Inactive'.
4. NO orange bar reminding me that I should be in an Inter City aircraft.
5. I ran through all the aircraft prep and when I started engines the phase immediately changed to 'Departing', off blocks time shown, PIC still showing 'inactive'.
6. The 'Off Blocks Button' [which I didnt have to press] disappeared.
7. ACARS then accurately reflected the entire flight - altitude, speed, heading etc BUT phase remained 'Departing' throughout, off blocks time as before [no other entries], PIC still showing 'inactive' throughout, with no progress on the progress bar.
8. I landed at EGBB and parked.
9. I then applied park brake and fuel shut off [carefully].

At that point the progress bar went to the end but phase remained as 'Departing' with PIC still 'inactive' - which was exactly what I had before.
I tried to submit a flight report but ACARS told me I had to finish the flight before I could do that.

Am I doing something amazingly silly ?
Mike Ody
ACARS / Re: Issues with ACARS and Majestic Q400
« Last post by Mike Ody on Sun 19 Nov 2017, 01:45 »
thanks Chris,
Later today or tomorrow I will repeat the flight I had problems with but will be monitoring ACARS very closely throughout the flight to see exactly what happens and when.
Will post again then.
Mike Ody
ACARS / Re: Issues with ACARS and Majestic Q400
« Last post by Chris Liu on Sun 19 Nov 2017, 00:02 »
Some anti-virus software doesn't like our ACARS because it can auto-update, but it is perfectly safe. It's standard advice anti-virus is disabled when gaming for performance reasons.
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