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General Discussion / Re: shame on me
« Last post by Chris Hulme on Tue 19 Sep 2017, 19:44 »
Doh! When we get all the claims for compensation under the EU Law we will deduct it from your wages!

Oh and shhhh we don’t speak of that airline, especially because I work for the orange competition ;)
General Discussion / shame on me
« Last post by Gert Visser on Tue 19 Sep 2017, 08:17 »
Hi all,
aften an absence of flying I did a flight from esgg to eddl.
BUT..... doing the checklist a bit too hasty, I forgot to remove the landing gear pins in the q400.
So I had to return to the airport...
I confess giging Intercity Airways bad publicity. (red in the face)
However... Its not as bad as a certain large airway from Ireland. The CEO apologises and promises to pay (!!!!YESSS!!!!) damages to passengers.
Miracles still happen....(or have I missed a catch???)
HE cancels about 50 flights a day. Makes me a little less shamefull...
General Discussion / Re: Flight ICX528
« Last post by Chris Hulme on Mon 18 Sep 2017, 07:23 »
Whoops! I’ll remove the duplicates now for you!
General Discussion / Re: Flight ICX826 Copenhagen copies
« Last post by James Rish on Mon 18 Sep 2017, 02:55 »
 Good afternoon, Chris.
Somehow I got a few copies of the ICX826 flight to Copenhagen, also shown on the home page. I must have hit the send report button too many times or something. Is there any way to delete the copies?
Events and charters / [17th Sept 2017, 1800 - 2100z] Scottish Staff Up
« Last post by Chris Hulme on Sat 16 Sep 2017, 16:20 »

On Sunday the 17th September, VATSIM UK invites you to fly in/out/around of Glasgow (EGPF) and/or Edinburgh (EGPH). Over a three hour period, full ATC cover will be provided at both aerodromes.

Get ready for an exciting evening of top-quality air traffic control and busy traffic levels!

Charts are available at

We hope to see you there!
ACARS / Re: ACARS without link to Simbrief Flight Planning
« Last post by Mike Ody on Wed 13 Sep 2017, 13:59 »
Thanks Chris.
All sounds and looks good for me.
Am slumming it at the moment in Bali but will get back to flying again with Inter City in a couple of weeks time.
Mike Ody
ACARS / Re: ACARS without link to Simbrief Flight Planning
« Last post by Chris Liu on Wed 13 Sep 2017, 08:14 »
Welcome aboard Mike! You can flight plan however you choose (so long as you end up in the right place with some fuel left!), we just provide ACARS Simbrief integration as an option. Personally whilst I use it, I like to specify my own routing.
ACARS / ACARS without link to Simbrief Flight Planning
« Last post by Mike Ody on Wed 13 Sep 2017, 00:58 »
Hello all,
I am new to InterCity and totally new to ACARS - although I have been flying elsewhere for a while.
First up ACARS looks very comprehensive and professional - well done to all involved.
My question relates to the link with SimBrief Flight Planning.
I have used Simbrief for a fair while and I enjoy creating a FP and inputting into Majestic Q400 FMC, saving the plan in the FMC as a co-route for possible future use, manually computing V-speeds etc etc. ie the whole preliminary process before 'boarding'.
So the question is can I continue to do all Flight Planning etc etc as before and only use ACARS for flight selection, en route flight logging and PIREPs etc ?
Of course I must ensure my manually developed FP is aligned to the schedule etc.
Yes it is a fair bit of work outside of ACARS but [strange as it may seem] I enjoy that bit just as much as flying !
Mike Ody
Events and charters / Re: 1 June - 1 September, Charter, Spanish coast
« Last post by Chris Liu on Mon 11 Sep 2017, 12:29 »
These charters have now ended, 15 flights were flown by 4 pilots, thanks to everyone who took part  :)

As the off-peak season is now upon us and I'm busy scheduling our new Med base, the next set of charters are a while away but there are some winter season flights coming to the main schedule in October.
General Discussion / Re: Will P3Dv4 be a Problem?
« Last post by Chris Liu on Sun 10 Sep 2017, 23:56 »
FSUIPC5 has been out a while now, but as none of our fleet are in P3Dv4 yet haven't had the chance to test Intercity ACARS2 with it. There's no reason to believe it shouldn't work, but we'll see.

PMDG very recently announced the Jetstream 41 will soon be in 64 bit, with screenshots at It seems likely this will be the first of our fleet available for P3Dv4

FS Labs are currently in early beta testing of their A320 64 bit but I've no idea when that will be made available to end users, FSL are not exactly known for being rapid!

Aerosoft are creating a upgrade to their Airbuses called "Edition 2018" which will be v4 compatible. They intend to release this year but that might exclude 64 bit versions. It will cost €16+VAT to upgrade from existing versions you have and for as a seperate purchase there's a new A330-300 RR.

Majestic confirmed a while ago they're working on the Q400 but it's looking unlikely P3Dv4 compatibility will be ready before the year end.
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