Q400 climb profile/speed SOP updated

Started by Chris Liu, Wed 15 May 2013, 12:23

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Chris Liu

Following research and experimentation, the standard speed profile for Intercity Q400s is now as follows:

• After takeoff, pitch for V2+20 KIAS

• At acceleration altitude (normally 1500 ft AGL) select 900 rpm MCL and accelerate to 185 KIAS, retracting the flaps on schedule.

• Passing FL100, accelerate to 210 KIAS (remain at 900 rpm in MCL). If a faster rate of climb is required, set AFCS in to pitch hold mode at 5 degrees nose up or less.

• Cruise at Vmo-20 in normal operations, Vmo-10 is permissible if running late; props at 850 rpm and MCR, adjust torque as necessary.

• Descend at Vmo-10 initially, reduce to 250 KIAS before FL100 and further reduce to 235 KIAS before FL80 (windscreen limitation)

Even short Q400 hops should be able to reach FL210+ with relative ease, cruising in the teens really puts fuel consumption up and should be avoided. Generally there's precious little reason not to cruise at or near the service ceiling of FL240-250.

Full Q400 SOP is detailed here

Also, a polite reminder to all pilots that Reduced Np Landing (RDC Np LDG) is SOP on the Q400 except in bad weather or steep approach (RDC Np LDG is where the landing is conducted at 850 rpm, but the props will automatically go to 1020 rpm in the event of a go around).