NTC: Majestic Q400 ACARS workaround **UPDATED 27-05-14**

Started by Chris Liu, Wed 01 May 2013, 00:49

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Chris Liu

Wed 01 May 2013, 00:49 Last Edit: Tue 27 May 2014, 15:54 by Chris Hulme
UPDATE - As of 27-05-14 this has been solved and ACARS now works without requiring the user to use the On/Off Blocks buttons.

See here for more information

To record your flights in the Majestic MJC Dash 8 Q400 using Intercity ACARS, we have developed this fix:

When selecting your flight, if your aircraft is the Dash 8, you will be asked if you are flying the Majestic Q400, click YES.

Now load your Q400 for a normal flight and click Begin Flight button when you are sat at the gate with the engines shutdown. A new button will appear labelled "OFF BLOCKS". When you are ready to start your engines simply press this button. ACARS will then register you as departing.

Similarly after landing a "ON BLOCKS" button will appear, simply click this once you have shutdown your engines and your flight will complete.

There is no need to use the old procedure requiring you to Press Ctrl + E and to swap aircraft after landing, so you can setup your aircraft ready for your next sector.

If ACARS is recording erroneous touchdown vertical speeds, download and install Majestic Q400 Service Pack 1 (v1.006)