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MFS2020 impact
« on: Tue 04 Aug 2020, 10:12 »
As you're doubtless aware, the new Microsoft Flight Simulator release very soon (18th August). Understandably this will have quite an impact on the future direction of Intercity Airways. Firstly, I expect everyone will sod off to play it for a few weeks ;D When the dust has settled, we'll have a much better idea of where things are likely to go and where Intercity will be positioned, but here's a detailed current state of play:

Until the way ahead is a little clearer there doesn't seem much point in continuing to produce work for the old FSX/P3D platform. My intention is to finish fixing the FSL A320 for PBR, then focus on Xplane for the remaining time (FlyJSim Q400 and possibly others). The E190 (both flight scheduling and repaints) is being postponed indefinitely as feelThere's new P3D version hasn't had the market uptake I'd hoped for and I don't think it ever will now.

VATSIM and IVAO have confirmed they will be day one compatible with MFS20 and an Airbus A320 Neo is being included in all versions of MFS20 so hopefully we'll be able to get that painted up and ACARS working with the new sim fairly quickly, dependent on our real life workloads (it has FMS and LNAV but no VNAV). We have a good relationship with Majestic but they're not sure how difficult it will be to get the Q400 across, although there is a rumour that Asobo may be offering a Q400 DLC fairly soon after release, so that's an avenue we could persue as a stop-gap.

For the PMDG Jetstream 41 things are rather less bright - any hope of seeing it released in P3Dx64 is now dead, and I'd be incredibly surprised if PMDG did a version for MFS20. Therefore it's likely the J41 will be replaced with the Saab 340 en masse (as I expect Carenado to port theirs), with a few J41 retained in the fleet for FSX users. It's really painful thing for me to say this because it remains my favourite airliner addon in any simulator, but we can't continue building the airline's future around PMDG's broken promises. I should stress we are NOT dropping support for FSX or P3D, but it's unlikely to be our focus in future.

That's it for now, perhaps we'll organise some GA flying on multiplayer when MFS20 releases?
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Christopher Kirkland

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Re: MFS2020 impact
« Reply #1 on: Sat 15 Aug 2020, 12:06 »
Great news! I've recently rejoined the world of simming, I decided not to reinstall p3d so will be fully MSFS so can't wait!

Let me know if there is any GA flying in the interim :)

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Re: MFS2020 impact
« Reply #2 on: Thu 20 Aug 2020, 11:36 »
I intend to stay with P3D for the time being.
Am flying routes for Intercity.
1. The q400 isn't available on msfs2020
2. 150 gig on my disk is quite a lot
3. I intend to wait and see if there are any bugs etc.
4. I have a lot of addons for P3D; I like to have my pleasure from these addons.
So I will be flying on P3D and INT for the time being.
Staff from INT, thanks for your work for the airline!!