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Majestic Q400 update v1.08 released

Started by Chris Liu, Dec 09, 2013 22:05

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Chris Liu (1001)

Owners will be e-mailed by whomever they purchased their Majestic Q400 from with details and a link to download the new version (it's not available from Majestic directly, they push it out to their distributors), SimMarket and JustFlight already have the update available.

It's a complete 472mb installer, so remember to backup your aircraft.cfg file before installing the update, so you can restore all your addon repaint textures for it (this can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400). Oh and don't be a spanner like me and forget to back up the mjc84.ini (which is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\ini) otherwise you will have to recalibrate the controls!


  • FDE:

    • Added turbulence and windshears - both intristic and triggered by FSX weather

    • Fixes in the elevator disconnect logic
    • Optimization of the system performance and the CPU cores utilization
    • Fixed the COM2 microphone switching for online flying (Vatsim/IVAO)
    • Fixed the landing spoiler extension timing on touchdown
    • Fixed the nav radios reception ranges
    • Fixed the autopilot disconnects during the NAV/APPR modes of operation
    • Fixed the logic of Weight on Wheels detection
    • New VOR/ILS type detection routine
    • Implemented the composite brakes temperature and efficiency simulation
    • Simulating the FADEC "NO DISPATCH" flag
    • Corrected the Vertical Speed reversion when alt selected crosses the current altitude
    • Flight Director re-developed to allow the correct manual operation (pitch/roll axis)
    • Fixed rudder shutoff logic
    • Fixed a bug in the Sound System, that sometimes result in the CTD upon exiting the simulator
  • FMS:

    • Minor fixes on the VNAV pages
    • Minor fixes in the airway selection logic and insertion into the FPL
    • FPL Distance to Destination page will update the distance in real time
    • Added the FPL SUMMARY page (visible on the ground only)
    • Added the overfly time indication for the waypoints on the FPL page
    • Removed the blinking coursor and updated the cursor entry alignment for numerical entries

    • Partial P3D compatibility
    • Reduced mouse click zones on the disconnect handles
  • EFIS:

    • PFD Display: Added dumping to the IAS indication
    • PFD Display: Fixed the CDI width flickering when MFD->PFD reversion is in use
    • NAV Display: DATA function will not show the VORs which are shown as part of Flight Plan
    • Performance optimization by using the faster memory cleanup during display output
    • Fixed the incorrect SAT indication on the ED
    • NAV Display: No FMS flight plan will be presented in the VOR mode
    • PFD Display: Flight Director sometimes showing without active FGM modes fixed
  • APPS:

    • Control Panel will save the last Weight and Balance values entered
    • Fixed the incorrect fuel setup when the APU is running

    • Fixed the inability of the installer to accept more than a single word as a last name input
    • Added a new directX components updater
  • OTHER:

    • Fixes in the pilots behavior logic (external views)
    • Fixed the First Officer VC camera position
    • Added the joystick connector to send joystick button commands to the internal Q400 variables (see Special Features Guide for details)
    • Setting fuel flows via fsuipc (for XAcars)
    • Added XML variable interface for reading the internal Q400 system variables (specification available on request)
  • DOC:

    • Added maneuvres section to the System Manual
    • Added the joystick connector manual to the Special Features guide