Logbook Improvements

Started by Chris Liu, Fri 20 Sep 2013, 10:38

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Chris Liu

We now colour code the flight duration (item 6) in your Intercity pilot logbook, so you can get an overall picture of how punctual your flights are (if you see lots of red, it means your flights are regularly 30 minutes over or under scheduled duration!), if you click the + icon next to a logbook flight, the complete flight breakdown also states the scheduled departure and arrival times, in comparison to the logged off and on block times.


We don't score you based on this data, but we provide the information so pilots who want to track their On-Time Performance (OTP) can do so. We have no requirement for pilots to fly at scheduled times, but it is good practise to set simulator time to match the schedules if you're flying offline.


Just a reminder to everyone that times on the schedules are given in GMT (aka UTC or Zulu time), which is one hour behind BST (British Summer Time) and two hours behind CEST (Central European Summer Time).


We've also been doing little website housekeeping things here and there, such as minor updates to page content. You can expect more improvements to come to your Intercity pilot logbook over the coming months.