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Voice communications (Discord)
« on: Thu 03 May 2018, 16:13 »
We've occasionally had requests from pilots for Intercity to provide a Teamspeak 3 server or similar. However, because of reservations regarding the potential monitoring and administrative burden we have previously suggested pilots use already established servers such as VATSIM.

However, starting today we are providing instant text message and voice communications exclusively for Intercity Airways pilots, initially on a trial basis. We welcome your feedback, please feel free to post replies below with your thoughts.

Instructions on joining Intercity Airways Discord are at (you must be logged in to the forums before you can see this)

Having evaluated potential platforms we are utilising Discord instead of TS3 because it provides the same functionality with an easier to use and modern interface that is multiplatform (web browser plus clients for Windows, Android and iOS). That means you can use the basic functions of Discord without needing to download or install anything, it will just run in your browser like a normal webpage. It also provides additional features such sharing and embedding of files, custom emojis and support for multiple servers simultaneously.
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