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approaching eglc
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Posted by Wil De Boer
Jan 24, 2018
in destination eglc
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Unloading next to company
Time to let the people from Munich out to their bus, right next to a company Dash8 (made possible by "WAMA" (Where are my aircraft?") which injects the planes you fly wherever you parked them as static AI to the scenery all over the world and allows you to hop out and switch as you like).

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Posted by Karsten Zeller
Dec 16, 2017
in Dash flights
Welcome to  Düsseldorf
Arriving at my beloved homebase after a great flight and buttered landing on RWY 23R, shortly after crossing 23L.

December 16th, 09:36Z
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Posted by Karsten Zeller
Dec 16, 2017
in Dash flights
Approaching Hamburg
Shortish final RWY 23 with a faulty ADC2 (ALT MISMATCH), hence the circuit breaker was pulled. No need to cancel a flight over a redundant system maintenance can fix later.

December 14th, 18:25Z
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Posted by Karsten Zeller
Dec 16, 2017
in Dash flights
Amsterdam scenery
On approach to RWY 27.

December 12th, 20:57Z
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Posted by Karsten Zeller
Dec 16, 2017
in Dash flights

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Way to Greece
 Views: 278
Posted by Anthony Volkmann
Mar 01, 2017
in My Flights
2013 5 25 23 34 16 747
 Views: 1749
Posted by Michael Schmitt
May 25, 2013
Realised I'm missing an engine shot of the J41, so here it is
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Posted by Chris Liu
Nov 12, 2014
in Randoms
Felixstowe and Hawich
ICX327 passes Felixstowe and Hawich on its way to Rotterdam. There's probably Tony Bennet's "The Good Life" playing in the background. Not that you'd hear it over those Garretts!
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Posted by Chris Liu
Jul 14, 2016
in Randoms
Icing Conditions
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Posted by Dimitri Bespalko
Oct 04, 2015
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