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FS Labs A320 P3Dv4
« on: Sun 02 Jun 2019, 18:23 »
So in their infinite wisdom, FSL decided to update the A320's exterior model for the latest versions of P3D (which is V4.5 at time of writing) by remapping the fore fuselage, aft fuselage and CFM engine textures; these updates have broken ALL existing repaints for the FSL A320 causing windows, doors and other items to be misaligned, whilst providing little appreciable benefit! This has been the case for over a month but it was only bought to our attention a few days ago.

We have now updated the Intercity repaint textures to fix this, they are available on our downloads page as always, please follow the instructions in the readme as the package has to include two versions of the repaint, FSX & P3Dx32, then a patch to make them compatible with the P3Dv4+ FSL A320.