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Sergio De Ceglie

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Re: VATSIM tutorial
« Reply #15 on: Wed 15 Apr 2015, 01:23 »
VATSIM newbie question:
Why not use CALL/INTERCITY instead of OPR/INTERCITY?  Are ATCs really interested in WEB/WWW.VIAINTERCITY.COM?

Hi Jozef,

Operator (OPR/) tells ATC which airline you're are flying for and ensures ATC use the correct callsign. The remarks sections is pretty flexible and there are various other ways to achieve this such as you suggest "CALL/INTERCITY" or even "Callsign: INTERCITY" however generally in practice OPR/ is used for this purpose.

The WEB/ remark is not so much for ATC but for other pilots to see via tools such as VATspy or websites like VATstats. It's to advertise Intercity to the world.

Chris may want to add to this though.


Chris Liu

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Re: VATSIM tutorial
« Reply #16 on: Wed 15 Apr 2015, 01:59 »
Welcome aboard Jozef! What Serge said is accurate; the OPR remark is for the callsign (you could use CALL, but OPR or CS are more common) and the WEB remark is to advertise the airline to potential pilots on VATspy, ServInfo etc (recruit pilots is very competitive so we do everything possible)!