Author Topic: Scheduling too short LIML - LEBB  (Read 420 times)

Frank Herter

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Scheduling too short LIML - LEBB
« on: Wed 29 Nov 2017, 13:12 »

I flown yesterday the first flight out of LIML to LEBB with the Dash. Scheduling time was 2h but this is unrealistic. If you have headwind and you fly with a valid flightplan (Eurocontrol conform) you can't reach the 2h.

Please check.

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Chris Liu

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Re: Scheduling too short LIML - LEBB
« Reply #1 on: Mon 04 Dec 2017, 19:23 »
Hi Frank, thanks for reporting this. Based on routing LIML GEN M730 TOP P860 RONOP UP860 RUSIT UY305 LERGA UN869 TBO UN995 PPN UM601 CEGAM LEBB I'm getting an ETE of 1hr58m which is just within the schedule (it needs padding out to take account of taxi and SIDs/STARs), what route did you use and is the route I've tested with above valid?

It seems I've been caught out by the nature of the airways in this area prohibiting a more direct route of under 500 nm (the route above is 650 nm)
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