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Capital Sunday

Start: Sun, 7th September 14 1800 UTC
End: Sun, 7th September 14 2000 UTC

DescriptionDear Pilots and Controllers alike,
We are  pleased to announce that we will be offering a new Online day which will take place on each first Sunday of the month at Bern Airport (LSZB), also known as Bern-Belp Airport. The next event will be held on 7 Sep 2014. The airport of the Swiss capital city will be staffed from 1800z. Visit us and enjoy a scenic VFR flight amidst the nearby Swiss Alps, fly IFR and use the runway 14 ILS approach over the old town of Bern or land on runway 32 after visually circling for decent. LSZB is home to a Rega (Swiss Air-Rescue) base, the Mountain Flyers and the Swiss Helicopter Group (former Heliswiss), welcoming all helicopter pilots amongst you as well.

When flying to Bern, you might want to leave your A380 in the hangar and use a light or medium aircraft due to the limitation in runway dimensions. The main asphalt runway measures 1730 meters in length and is 30 meters wide (5676x98ft). However, Helvetic Airways serves Bern with their Airbus A319 and every now and then, Boeing 737 are seen landing and departing from Bern, which leaves you with a wide range of aircrafts to choose from.

We look forward to hearing you on frequency!

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Every first Sunday of the month 1900-2100z, Bern will be staffed. Flights ICX916 and 917 in the JS41 between Bern and Düsseldorf.