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Adrian Chin

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Ad Hoc Flights
« on: Fri 08 Jan 2021, 09:26 »
Hi Intercity team.  I would like to suggest the option of having an Ad Hoc flight option where you can log a flight from any airport of your choice to any airport of your choice and at any given time.  This would allow us to take part in Vatsim or Vroute events that are often staged.  This would also work well by helping Vatsim when they are running training sessions for new controllers.  At the moment (unless I am mistaken) we don't have that option.  I regularly see messages on Vatsim to fly to certain airfields to help controllers obtain new ratings, it would be great if Intercity had the option of flying to these Ad Hoc destinations at any given time of the day to support the Vatsim network.  This may also be a great platform for Intercity Airways to be more visible to controllers and other virtual airlines.  Best regards, Ade.

Chris Liu

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Re: Ad Hoc Flights
« Reply #1 on: Tue 12 Jan 2021, 01:57 »
Hi Adrian. We considered an ad hoc option previously but decided against as this effectively turns us into a "free flight" logbook rather than an airline, there's lots of people doing "fly anything, anywhere, any time" so we feel we'd be uncompetitive. However we do understand pilots would like to participate in events beyond our schedules, so provided the upcoming online event is within our operating area and ethos we're happy to add a charter especially for you, just post the details in this forum section! Of course you can also suggest general ideas for charters to cover upcoming real life events too like major sporting tournaments.
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