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any change for the e175

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Wil De Boer:
is there any change that the embraer 175
will be included in the route planning .


Chris Liu:
TLDR: If someone makes a quality E190, E190-E2 or A220-100 we will add it for longer London City flights. But I don't know of any near release.

You may find the discussion at interesting, it goes to some length regarding various aircraft types.

The E-Jets (E170, E175, E190 and E195) I think are the best regional jet for us right now, specifically the Embraer E190. The E175 is too close in size to the Q400. The Avro RJ/146, Fokker 70/100 and even the CRJ are long in the tooth and being retired by many operators. And the A318 is hideously uneconomical on short sectors owing to it's high empty weight.

Unfortunately the FS version of the E190 is outdated, it was ported from FS9 and it shows. The E195 (which isn't LCY approved) from feelThere/Wilco E-Jets v2 is only a minor update to the visuals and flight dynamics for FSX, and there's no paint kit available.

That above reasons are why we didn't add any E-Jets, and got a fleet of A319/A320 instead. However as they're not allowed in to London City I'm now hoping for a quality Embraer E2 or A220 (aka Bombardier CSeries) addon to deploy on longer sectors out of London City, but I'm not aware of anything available at the moment.

Wil De Boer:
clear enough its true.
It was just because that flybe uses the 175 , I was thinking it fits into the routes.
unfortunately for me  i own the aerosoft A320 for fsx , for free (winning a price with a group flight)
But when changing to p3d4 I have to buy the update to prof version.
And for me the airbus is not a favorite AC. So I`m not paying for the updated airbus .
So i stick to the mjc , ifly 737 and aerosoft crj.
the dash is challenges enough for many happy flight hours .
thanks for explaining the choice. I can live with it  :)

Chris Liu:
I understand Will, the Airbus is not liked by everyone. But the P3Dv4 Aerosoft "Pro" version is a significant enhancement on the old FSX release so it might be worth the upgrade price, I recommend reading some reviews.

I wouldn't buy Wilco/feelThere E175 & E195 for P3Dv4, although it recently got ported it has NO improvements at all, it's 8 years old and feels it! It is cheap at $25 though.

Wil De Boer:
Its just  I`m not a bus fan . I started in the 90th`s with the pmdg B737 , later the ifly737. Its just  I can`t buy everything.
Because I  won the bus for free I never would`t buying it.
All the AC are different to handle and managing this 3 AC with some single props is  a full hobby job.
 flying the intercity routes with the dash over ORBX UK and Ireland is  every time a journey .
and the ifly737 and the crj  I use for other VA I join. 


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