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Wil De Boer

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mjc rudder
« on: Tue 04 Jun 2019, 17:15 »
Since 2 flights the rudder stands constant to the left. So the ac constantly hangs over to the right
to compensate.
I have try`d everything there are no axes in fsuipc and p3d4 for aileron, elevator and rudder.
only the 125hz cfg


Chris Hulme

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Re: mjc rudder
« Reply #1 on: Wed 05 Jun 2019, 14:07 »
Might sound silly but are you selecting the correct controller and axis in the 125hz tool? If you don't have the correct axis assigned they default to the left like your rudder?

Wil De Boer

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Re: mjc rudder
« Reply #2 on: Thu 06 Jun 2019, 19:27 »
yes i have selected the correct axis.Flightrudder pedals axis RZ . In the mean time I have solved the problem.
The value`s in the ini file and mjc contol panel where different for  the center  value that I see using the cfg.tool.
Why I have no clue.
so i changed the center value in the ini file and mjc contol panel and I so lucky to fly straight.
only 1 thing I don`t understand .
Using the elevator axis with saitek pro flight yoke
when i pitch up I see the value changing very gradually when pitch down it go`s direct from straight to full down
in my case mjc control cfg straight 32678 ,up 65535 gradually , down direct 0.
with Y axis.
in pd34 no axis used.
all other AC axis with payware fsuipc and Aircraft sensitive , so there should no overlapping axis from other ac.
It came on my my mind maybe something wrong with the saitek yoke but this only happens with the MJC