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PMDG J41 and P3D v2 2.5v is it possiple or will be?

Started by Piotr Kaminski, Aug 15, 2015 18:52

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Juergen Vollmer (1815)

In this case I tend to be rather pessimistic, as PMDG is dragging on this project already for a looong time with nothing to show really.
This seems to be  niche too small for them to be interested in, they are into jets and big airliners mainly.

However, I found a way to use my PMDG JS4100 plane in P3D4 with a little trick:
first I installed the product following this very useful video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgy_HmpK3NU.
That gets the plane into your Prepar3d version using the migration tool.
Then I purchased the recently released BAe Jetstream 31 here: http://www.virtualcol.com/shop/tvirtual.php?f4lksnx5trng=detailp&cdeb7e4bbf8fd63413e62dab68eb=61 and installed it into P3D4 without any problems.
With both planes now in my Simobjects/Airplanes directory all I had to do was to change the panel.cfg in the JS4100 and send it to the panel directory of the JS31.
One big caveat though: the 3D panel does not work, but the 2D panel does all you need ;-)

hope this helps some of you to get that beautiful bird flying in P3D4

I just flew from London City to Luxemburg and about half way I lost some vital instruments like attitude Indicator, altitude indicator and climb/descent indicator. Speedometer still working though. So this solution is really not ideal I am afraid.