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Started by Gert Visser, Mon 06 Sep 2021, 20:14

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Gert Visser

OK Chris, thank you.
I saw John Dawson of FSUIPC also on the forum post.
He is looking into the matter too.
Some other people from virtual airlines had also some problems with their ACARS.
So with all these people and your list a solution may be at hand!



Gert Visser

Hi Chris,
I have been thinking:
Look below, logging in Acars before and after WU4 and changes in FBW mod:

Pre WU4:
[12:10:42] - Intercity ACARS Version 2021.4.25.0
[12:10:42] - Flying Airbus A320neo FlyByWire
[12:10:42] - Boarding flight ICX19J
[12:12:31] - Off Blocks at 12:12 with 5496kgs fuel onboard
[12:12:31] - Engine 2 Started
[12:20:02] - Sim Paused
[12:20:27] - Sim Unpaused
[12:28:31] - Engine 2 Shutdown
[12:32:37] - Engine 2 Started
[12:33:41] - Engine 1 Started
[12:36:00] - Takeoff
[12:36:09] - Landing Gear Retracred
[12:37:51] - Cruise
[13:04:00] - Descending
[13:22:50] - Landing Gear Extended
[13:25:42] - Landed at 120kts at -248fpm
[13:34:08] - Engine 2 Shutdown
[13:34:09] - On Blocks at 13:34 with 3868kgs fuel onboard
[13:34:09] - Total fuel used 1628 kgs

Post WU4:
12:38:12] - Off Blocks at 12:38 with 7029kgs fuel onboard
[12:38:12] - Off Blocks Button used
[12:43:24] - Takeoff
[12:46:09] - Cruise
[13:48:22] - Descending
[14:12:11] - Landed at 131kts at -324fpm
[14:23:28] - On Blocks at 14:23 with 3127kgs fuel onboard
[14:23:28] - Total fuel used 3902 kgs
[14:23:28] - On Blocks Button used

Pre WU4 acars detects the A320 in msfs, and off blocks goes automatically.
Post WU4, acars detects nothing and only starts logging after use of the off blocks knob.
Woulld it be possible that the fbw people have changed something in the name or the way the name of the plane is mentioned?
And because of that the plane is not detected, the logging process doesn't start automatically and only logs changes e.g. climb, cruise, landing?
That would also depend on how acars is programmed: incomplete logging beacuse of non recognized plane!
Please your thoughts on this; would maybe help to solve the issue.


Chris Hulme

The ACARS watches the engine variable and when it shows the engine is running it starts tracking, we added the manual blocks as this wasnt always the case with the Q400 so I assume they have somehow bypassed the internal variable for this, or the update has changed the variables output. Same with the gear and also the aircraft name

The phases are determined by vertical speed and your altitude which seem to be logging correctly.

Gert Visser

Hi Chris,
I got the following reply from the FBW A320 group on Github:

We'd still like to know what the exact name of the variables that are being watched are, but you can send this link here which contains all of the variables that the A32NX uses. We have indeed replace quite a few of them to get around MSFS limitations.

I'm however surprised the variable for engines is not working. If the exact name of the variable is provided we can verify this.


Keep in mind this will require access to the in-process gauge API as L variables are not available outside the sim.

Hope you know now what they need.


Chris Hulme

Hi Gert

Sorry forgot to reply to you!

Main ones ACARS needs is

0894 Engine 1 combustion flag
092C Engine 2 combustion flag
2B00 Gyro compass heading
02BC IAS: Indicated Air Speed
0366 Aircraft on ground flag
0570 Altitude, in metres and fractional metres.